Wellness Profile: Sonya Ross

Wellness Profile: Sonya Ross

Sonya Ross

Home: Ellington Estates, Oviedo

Age: 39

Profession: Registered diagnostic medical sonographer at Florida Hospital Altamonte (Among other things, Ross works with patients who need to have their mammograms followed up by an ultrasound)

Family: Husband, Brian, and two daughters: Morgan, 9, and Ashlee, 6

Spare time activities: “Running, going to the beach and hanging out with our kids all the time. We have a pool, so we swim at home, or we go to Aquatica or Disney.”

Favorite local place for exercise/wellness activity: “We run on the Cross Seminole Trail and I do actual trail running out in the woods in Chuluota. I also do hot yoga at Guruv in Lake Mary.”

Favorite local place for R&R: “We love New Smyrna Beach. Other than that, we just like to relax at home, stay local. We’re pretty mellow, down-to-earth people. We like to go out, but we’re very health-conscious and we try to get a lot of sleep. We get up at 3:30 to go run two days a week, which means we try to go to bed at 9:30 at the latest the nights before.”

Wellness regimen: “We eat lots of fruits and we drink alkaline water a lot. It stabilizes the acidity in your body. The kids drink it too. We have small meals during the day and we try not to overeat. We eat lots of salads and vegetables too. We’re active all the time – my husband and I run three days a week, no less than 6 miles each time. We’re training for a marathon now. I also spin or do yoga on the days I’m not running.”

Sonya Ross

Wellness philosophy: “I like to put in the healthy stuff so I can put out the healthy stuff. It’s all in your diet and your sleep and the way you think about life. You have to be positive. I don’t like to quit until I can achieve my goals. I try to teach that to my kids too.”

Favorite things about living in Seminole County: “I’m a native. I was born in Winter Park Hospital and have lived in Seminole County my whole life. I don’t know any different. I’ve been to a lot of places in the U.S., but I really can’t complain about this. We have the best of everything here, the good summers and the good winters. You can always exercise here in Florida.”

Wellness words of wisdom: “Never give up. If you have a goal, set your goals and give yourself a reasonable outcome from it. Go for it!”

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